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Hi, I am Michaela Sirotková,
a Professional Coach and a Mentor

"As your coach I will guide through any kind of your game that you want to change, so you can truly experience what it means to unlock your potential, get more out of your life and make your personal growth and change steady and long-lasting."

I can be your game changer.

You can win more often in all parts of your life, and I can prove it.

This is my story in short.


2015 May, became an Associate Marshall Goldsmith SCC Coach

2015 February, completed Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching certified programme
2015 certified in Global Leader Of The Future (GLOF) 360° Assessment


2014 completed The Inner Game Core Programme led by Mr. Timothy Gallwey, certified by The Inner Game International School and ICF

2013 graduated at Erickson Coaching International,a leading worldwide coaching institution, providing certification for Solution Focused Coaching with main focus on life and business transformations.


2009 completed Scotwork Negotiation Skills Training in Paris


1998-2000 - graduated at BBDO University participating in courses of negotiation skills, strategic and creative thinking, leadership skills


1995-1996 - studied at University of Amsterdam (Social &Economy Welfare Systems)


1991-1996 - Studied at Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences - Economics and Politics Faculty of Natural Sciences - Sociology and Demography Graduated with Master Degree in 1996


1990-1991 Studied at Lomonosov University in Moscow





Through my 18 years in business I’ve come to the realization that accurate self-awareness, self-management, self-control, social empathy and relationship management inevitably lead to becoming a better version of a manager, one who can motivate teams and lead by example. I use those personal experiences today in my mentoring and coaching practice.


Today, after graduating at Erickson Coaching International, leading world coaching institution, I provide professional coaching services to any profiles of clients. As a mentor with more than 15 years of business background, I provide services mainly within marketing & communication field of experience.


For the last seven years I’ve managed larger teams, participating in local and regional client consulting missions and later on managing entire companies.

From 1996-2013 I worked for international companies in marketing communications and advertising, building my experience in brand management, client service management, strategy and new business development, team and company management.


Find more details about me at: 




English, Russian, Slovak and Czech fluent. Spanish basic.





I’ve been married for 20 years, mother of two children.

I love playing tennis, photography, good sense of humor and traveling.

I lived in London and Moscow.

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